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Polish Open 2016

Polish Open 2016
23 - 26 March
Warsaw, Poland
Category: International Challenge
Prize money: $17.500
By Badminton Europe, Badminton World Federation, Polish Badminton Association
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Tournament Website

European Under 17 Youth 2016

European Under 17 Youth 2016
17-21 March
Lubin, Poland
Organized by badminton EuroAustrian Open 2016
Category: Badminton Europe Event
Prize Money: none
By Badminton Europe
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Badminton Imprezy Lubin TV, You Tube, Different Match

Basic Badminton Questions


Babaques for badminton are descriptions of all kind of aspects that occur when playing badminton.
These babaques are devoted to playing badminton matches, and could support coaching, training or observing.
The basis for the terms is the basic badminton vision, so playing personally and spontaneously.
Developing of own insights and skills is key wih that.

The beginning

Like the pair is showing on the picture hereabove, the simplest form and a beginning of the game of badminton is the playing just in the garden or on a camping ground without court and just having pleasure in moving and in hitting the shuttle to each other. Nevertheless, here already we can start with our analysis of the game.

To play a badminton match

forming an own style by the play-analyze- spiral

Taking a badminton match, it can be seen as how it should be played. That should always be from the own analysis. Because, when playing, an idea is being formed of what is happening. After the wish to play better and to get control over the match, one will analyze what has to be done to play it well. Actually, this forms a spiral. Playing leads to analyzing leads to playing leads to analyzing and so on, in a developing way.

Beginning at a Club

Acquaintance with playing badminton in a sports hall
After playing badminton several times on vacation on a camping ground or just at home in the street or at the lawn, one can happen finding it a nice sport and wanting it to play in a regular way. It is possible to go and play then at a social or commercial club in a sports hall or maybe some other smaller but comparable place.

Badminton Game Analysis

What happens in badminton and how manage players to.

Badminton analysis to answer what happens in the badminton game and how players manage playing.
In literature, much is written about techniques, tactics and condition. This analysis observes and interprets the game itself.
Components, players, and the situation are being interpreted.
Shortly: players play by continually perceiving the situation, interpreting this, and therewith purposefully acting. Thinking is doing thereby!