Super Series Finals '13. Draw

Now after the draw yesterday, for the places in the poules, I can be playing around with the former results of players and pairs, the standings in the world rankings, the remembrance of their play, the estimation of their willing and being able to play full out.
It is interesting later on to see if ideas come true.
It's tricky, looking at rankings and earlier confrontations. Tiredness, personal plans, injuries, price-money, all are influencing the outcomes.
I think, this tournament is going to be a badminton feast. With unexpected wins and losses, and some beautiful matches. Some will be trying to finish first all out, others will play loose and therefore extra nice because their plans go not entirely together with those of the BWF, but they must play.

Here under possibilities of the progresses.

Numbers before names are world rankings.

Of poule A,
1 Lee C W
4 Joergensen
7 Ponsana
10 Wang Z,

and poule B,
6 Tago,
5 Sugiarto,
11 Hu,
9 Kuncoro,

should play in the Semi Final Lee against Sugiarto and Tago against Joergensen.
The final will be won by Lee Chong Wei against Kenichi Tago.

Of poule A,
2 Wang S
10 Burana praserstuk
5 Sung
9 Tai,

and poule B,
6 Nehwal
7 Bae
13 Mitani
1 Li X,
should play in the Semi Final Wang Shixian against Saina Nehwal and Li Xuerui against Sung Ji Hyun.
Li Xuerui will win the final against Wang Shixian.

The main confrontations are the numbers 1 against 2, these determine the counterparties in the semi finals.
The main confrontation in poule A will be Ahsan - Setiawan against Liu - Qiu.
That will be in poule B Ko - Lee against Boe - Mogensen.
The Semi Finals will then be Ahsan - Setiawan against Boe - Mogensen, and also Liu - Qiu against Ko - Lee.
The final should be won by Ko Lee against Ahsan - Setiawan.

The main confrontation in poule A should be Ma - Tang against Matsutomo - Takahashi.
That will be in poule B Wang - Yu against Juhl - Pedersen.
The Semi Finals would be played by Ma - Tang against Juhl- Pedersen, and also Wang - Yu against Matsutomo - Takahashi.
Who will ply the final? Wang - Yu win against Ma - Tang of course.

The main confrontation in poule A would be Zhang - Zhao against Adcock - Adcock.
That will be in poule B Ahmad - Natsir against probably Nielsen - Pedersen.
The Semi Finals will then be Zhang - Zhao against Nielsen - Pedersen, and also Ahmad - Natsir against Adcock - Adcock.
Zhang - Zhao will win the final of Ahmad - Natsir.

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