Badminton Super Series '13 Finals

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On 11th December, untill the 15th.

I'm searching after information about the series finals. Few lets itself be found. Reaching the BWF website I discover the events knob, the calendar, the finals link, the information of last year, and suddenly also a link to the finals and a link to all kind of forms and a tournament prospectus and dates. I search a little further.

Then, which notable issues could be found.

The eight highest ranked players and players pairs are to play for a prize money of $ 500,000.
The ranking is of the Super Series, not of the World Ranking.
Super Series seedings are from after the latest super series in Hong Kong on Thursday 28 november.
The ranking looks quite different to the Worlds'.
The number of players or players pairs are for China 9, Indonesia 7, Japan 6, Korea 5. Denmark 4, Thailand 3, Malaysia 3, Hong Kong 1, India 1, England 1.
The numbers one in the five disciplines are LEE Chong Wei, WANG Shixian, Mohammad AHSAN and Hendra SETIAWAN, Misaki MATSUTOMO and Ayaka TAKAHASHI, and ZHANG Nan and ZHAO Yunlei.

Played is in poules of four, thereafter in two rounds by eliminating.
The placements of the numbers one and two into the eliminating rounds are already known. I think, that gives the players and coaches possiblities of trying to (secretly) manipulate their matches to get a better opponent or opponents.

On line entries close on 6 december.
The draw takes place at Tuesday 10 december at 12.00 hrs, followed by a press conference. A day before the start off!
What a late draw! Why is that? Steering for sensationel finals? Therefore raising tension?

Instant review for line calls is used.
What will show us the use of instant review? More sensation? Will it contribute to better games? Or to more show like now already disputing with judges and line judges and diving-badminton? See also "On BWF Instant Reviews Line Calls" on this page.

The fourty seeds are obliged to play. That's the agreement. Not playing costs $5000 extra penalty for that seed, medical (controlled) reasons aside.
Are they all really willing to play, notwithstanding other commitments from leagues, tiredness from their heavy playing program, injuries (never top players are yet playing without any back belt, bandages or tapes.). And are they able to play all out?

Nevertheless, despite the questions, it's an interesting, simple and clear tournament. That's due to the little number of players, its special yearly character, and the possibilities to compare the players in the poule system, with the attention not being distracted by so many other players and results.

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