Length and Width of the Court

With the badminton game, the length of the court is more important than the width. The length is experienced as depth.

When playing a badminton match, one looks from his own side across the net into the other side. That is in the length of the court. This whole length of the court is divided in two halves. This provides the length several characteristics for the game.
-Placing of the shuttle is done from very close to the net to just across it, till from the one rear line to the other across the whole court.
-Covering the distances to hit the shuttle need be done only at the own side. But this moving across the half-court is most done in the length of the court. For, additionally stretching of the body, arm and racket can help reaching the shuttle near the sidelines. Stretching can help reaching the shuttle in the length too, but only forward to the net. To hit the shuttle near the rearline overhead, one has to move to there.
-For placing the shuttle into the other half counts, that the opponents' movements in the depth give them more difficulty. That emphasizes placing in the length.
-The width of the court is through the above to be seen as a kind of complicating dimension of the length. It has nevertheless to stay under control like the length.

Due to the importance of the length of the court is also the forward orientation of the game.
A player looks across the net from his side forward into the other side, takes a position as close to the net as possible, takes the shuttle as close to the net as possible, and steers the shuttle then forth, from where it comes back too.
When looking at the game as being played from the one end into the other, the flight of the shuttle is always back and forth in the length. The width may vary.

When playing, experiencing the length as being depth is important.
In the first place, by this one activates his feelings and senses for the game.
In the second place, it is difficult to see the real distances of the length at the other half. Using feeling and the senses well for that, with imagination, depth is recognized, and placing the shuttle becomes a clearer concern.

The shuttle is being struck in the length of the court, and thereby less or more deeper. The width is being varied with that. The length of the stroke into the other side can vary from directly behind the net till on the rear-line. When playing badminton, tactically the length of the court is being used, additionally supported by the width of the court. Also height and time can be added to tactics.

Looking at a badminton match as a looker-on, of the whole badminton court is the total length much greater than the width. Badminton seems to be played in the length of the court, less in the width. In fact, players do. The width seems only to be helpful to playing in the length. It's no wonder that this impression is given. For players are playing from their side into the other's. That gives a kind of tactical orientation of the game in the longitudinal direction. Being aware of this forward orientation in the length might provide more grip on the game.

Are players experiencing that kind of lenght and forward oriented tactics? Observing players, and placing oneself in their position, one is to conclude that some do. They are taking a position and stance, from which is to conclude that they are oriented tactically to catch the shuttle early, to be able, among other things, to place it near the net quicly and otherwise to the rearline. From the position and stance of other players is to conclude that they are experiencing their side more as a rectangle which they have to defend and the other's side as a rectangle to where they must place the shuttle to attack. The forward orientation lacks. In this latter case, they are taking less seriously catching the shuttle early and high.

Following the basic badminton ideas, being a player, one should best become aware of everything that occurs and happens in the game and play along perceived insights. So, being aware and attentive, and then taking the shuttle early, playing downwards, and playing with the aim to score. About the depth, and the orintation, of the court, that should be given its important place in the game.