About joining at badminton, contacts outside the court have a partly different content and purpose than inside the court.
When meeting in the hall or in the cafetaria or so, open and easy contacts are pleasurable and useful. An open and respectful attitude helps all badmintonners to be included in the community. It makes learning and playing together possible and making acquaintances. An intensification of contacts with some people can meanwhile take place too. It helps keeping the badminton community lively and functioning well.

Contacts inside the court that are open, respectful and easy make playing more pleasurable and easier.
Questioning what is necessary for such a nice attitude, some features can be named. Be honest. Be empathic. Be friendly.
When being open, taking and giving things should be honest in meaning and feeling, reckoning with these of the speaking partner, and done in a respectful and approaching way.

Inside the court is a good contact joyable. But there has to be contact about the game and collaboration too.
When playing, good communication about it is worth being maintained. A non-verbal contact with gestures and eyes provides that, and verbal small words also do.
Nodding and stepping aside, stepping in and looking at the partner, pointing and clearly taking in a position, will make purposes clear and clear up uncertainties. With little words like -you, me, yes, no, take, let- can partners help each other. The appropriate application and size of these kinds of communication should be determined per partner and game. Partners may also quickly consult together. The game may not be disturbed.

When forming a team with a partner and training together to reach further in badminton, both players should take in time care of a good understanding. So, not postpone discussing questions and annoyances. These might grow big and lead to distrust.

When forming a well attached pair, partners might change into a two-unit, forming together a one. That counts above all their own personal feeling to a feeling of melting together. It's a nice and pleasurable condition of total understanding and feeling together. It's so nice, that attention would rather direct on maintaining this then take care of the game!