Little accounts of the Indian Badminton League final

Hyderabad Hotshots vs Awadhe Warriors, Mumbai, 31 august 2013
Tangtonsuk against srikanth 21-12, 21-20
Their match begins with a dramatic, large advantage for Srikanth. Tangtonsuk not longer able to give as much as necessary, then finding himself and seriously as needed and having back his oversight, overtakes him. Srikanth left by his motivation and with that his control, mishit much. After a conclusive offensive by both of them, Tongtansuk with the stand of 20-20 makes a mistroke. 21-20 for Ajay.
It's nice to compare the styles of these two young motivated coming players. Tangtonsuk smooth and technically with variable tactics, Srikanth strait, fast and downwards playing with simpler movements without any decor, just for the results.

In the second play, Saina Nehwal plays against PV Sindhu. Saina plays very seriously. Powerful and going into the flight of the shuttle, anticipating, whenever possible. Uncomplicated, but with nice shots sometimes. Sindhu seems not be able to get into the overdrive. In the second set, Saina plays Sindhu out with her to be complimented play and effort. Nevertheless, Sindhu wants to give counter-play. Her play has grown quickly in months, and has become more technical and thought through. But now she can't find the self-confidently fighting spirit. She makes to many faults, she takes the shuttle just a little to late. Did she maybe already give up before the match started, knowing she wouldn't be able to stop Saina?

The double between Kido with Boe and Lim with Go is played by both sides with effort and the wish to win it. Lim and Go quick coming in to the net and having the luck at their side by their commitment. The second game Kido and Boe has to play clever with all their fantasy and technical abilities. They do. And play out Lim and Go. Badminton in its greatest beauty with these precise and unexpected placed quick strokes. But the third set Lim and Go win with their motivated attacking and anticipating play. Boe and Kido don't get into the very well attentive attitude necessary for their clever, quick and creative game. Hard work goes before skills in this match. Lim and Go win.

Then the last match between Gurusai Dutt and Ajay Jayaram. The technical and tactical talented Gurusai plays at his well thought way and the strait and quick downwards playing Ajay has difficulty to find the needed rhythm against it. So, the first set is for Gurusai. But in the second set Ajay's game comes in a more fluent course and is his play to often to quick for Gurusai.
Ajay wins the match.

This all makes 4 -1 for the Hyderabad Hotshots from Hyderabad against the Awahde Warriors from Lucknow.
It's the end of an exiting experiment to get badminton feet on the ground in India. The reactions are promising. It has gained many fans by the many well played matches. The future will show us how this develops.


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