Humans play badminton. Why?
Reasons are the profit and pleasure from social contacts. Other reasons are the pleasure and profit of physical activity of the game.
An other kind of motivation of playing badminton is knowing oneself, and to seek own limitations.
Because badminton is a more or less bordered, apart world, kinds of behavior can be applied and tried out. That is from being oneself, outing feelings and behavior to others, to reaching in badminton personally as far and high as possible.

Perhaps sport, so badminton, can be seen as an extension of play. And then play is not just "play", but trying out own possibilities and limitations. And learning to handle some of the worlds occurrencies and happenings.

In this bordered apart world of badminton which people create, some separate laws apply.
In an open and accessible level somebody can play actively, have pleasure, have social contacts, out himself and be oneself.
At a level higher one can ask himself if he is pleased with his experiences. Is he playing actively? Is he having pleasure? Is he being himself? The badmintongame gives him opportunities to try out and change things.
Yet a level higher, people seize badminton matches for special wishes. Generally, these are to achieve something. To accomplish a minimal exertion, to learn something, to see how far and high one can reach with badminton. Competitions are used for that too.
At yet another level people are putting everything aside that is not related to badminton. They are trying to achieve the highest for themselves in badminton. They accomplish that by playing competitions whereby results are being compared with others. But the own personal achievement gets its change too. Then they are to reach their own possibilities and performances, in fact independent of social comparison.

When realizing that of playing badminton might be made an apart situation, in which one can realize own ideas and behavior, one can shape badminton matches into very positive, creative and pleasarable experiences.