The nice Holly-Bolly IBL

The Ibl is going its way to the finals. Many very nice matches have been to be seen. The money that motivated, the wishes to make a success of it, the system of playing till 21 points and a third set till 11, all this lead to all serious players who made the best of their game.
Almost every match made it possible to compare the styles and levels to each other by the seriousness and dedication of the players.

Some of the plays I saw:
The mighty Chong Wei Lee played a fine game against the very quick, technical and intuitive Daren Liew. Now the difference was to be seen. The oversight, power and fastness of Chong made him clearly playing a level higher than the young and growing Daren.
Jindapon won in the fine Thai style with technical and tactical play with her whole character in it, from the motivated and attacking Marin with her less complicated style.
Tan and Koo beat with their clever play with so many variations and anticipations Mogensen and Dewalkar.
Tanongsak and Kashyap played an exiting game with so different styles. Tanongsak with his own personal style with hard smashes and varying play. Clearly another way of playing than the fine style of the Thai woman-players. Kashap with his motivated attacking play of smashes and downwards playing.

Now I'm looking at the Semi-finals.
Nguyen Tien Mingh – Ajay Jayaram
Nguyen not coming into his own play of spreading his strokes and covering with much running and jumping his court. Due to the driven Jaya who gives him as few change as possible to come into his play, by hard and quick downwards playing.

Saina Nehwal – Juliana Schenk
Saina plays her complete and no-nonsense play, Juliana her very active and surprising one. Saina uncomplicated, Juliana letting her child coming out. Very nice these different characters and styles against each other playing so seriously.

What's that... My screen turns black. A fault occurs. It seems to have to do with advertising. A pop-up of You-tube wants to appear. I let it appear. I can phone for free information I see an Indian woman saying. I can click the advertisement away. I do. But the screen stays turning black. I switch to the second semi-final.

Chong Wei Lee – Gurusai Dutt
The talent of Gurusai is much challenged by Chong. But the difference in strength is large. Gurusai plays well, with good techniques, tactically used in the right moments, with dedication. But Chong has to mighty jumps and strokes, keeps his oversight over the play and is to easy then by the shuttle.

The Spectators above on the balcony get ample space by the tv-directors to wave and dance to lookers on their screens. Individuals seize their opportunity to reel off their personal performance. In the jumping and swinging crowd a little boy is rocking held up above a fathers head. The child cries. I don't know why. Isn't it fun? Maybe he's afraid to be flung into the bowling and roaring hordes below him.

Then Tine Baun – PV Sindhu
Tine plays a very fine, quick and direct game. Sindhu doesn't hold that tempo. But Tine's fire looks to leave her. Sindhu's doesn't. She plays devoted to her team, country and herself. She compels Tine into faults with her good strokes and placements and then wins.
Later I see Tine sitting with her feet high in bindings. Maybe her fire was needed to keep her foot going to jump across the court.

Reddy and Chopra have to come along with Kido and Boe in the double. It proves impossible. Evil tongues in Europe say that it needs many years to form a good double. Here you see how things really work. Two top-players, never having played together, lay immediately a very fine game on the court. The creative strokes and insights of Kido together with the quick, direct and clever play of Boe. And then together communicating and understanding each other to get the hesitations out of the game. Nothing possible to do something about it by Reddy and Chopra.

It's nice looking again to Ivanov who plays inspired against Srikanth.

It's an amazing competition this commercial short Indian one.
The spectators, the short interviews by the shortly instructed woman-speakers with their thick strings of black hair and one foot in front and that swearing hand, the mixture of verbose American music and modern Indian home-bred music, the commercial ethos that lies over the whole thing.

Beautiful matches.
And seen from here given in a kind of mixture of Indian and American commercial efforts to get to hopefully a success. A nice Holly-Bolly competition.

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