Dynamic part of play

The dynamic part of playing badminton are all the actions that are happening. These are moving over the court and the strokes by players, and the flying of the shuttle.
This active playing process is taking place within the static situation of the court with the net.

Being aware of this static and staying ground on which the game is build upon, will give a restful frame within which the game can be activily played and varied.
It gives the constant oversight over the court, with its places on the court to which the shuttle could be played, and where to move to cover the own court and strike the shuttle.

Upon this constant and restful frame of court and net can be built up the play.
With the court and net borne in mind, imagination gives the ways the shuttle can be placed into the other side, and how to position to get to the shuttle well and quickly.
Perceiving the play is then like looking at a chessboard on which the peaces are moving constantly. Then control of the game and the match is possible, which means that is being known what all happens in the play.

Thus, what happens on that court with the net is the changing situation of moving opponents and one's moving partner, the flying shuttle, and one's own moving.

Then, for a player, when playing badminton, all actions turn around hitting the shuttle to places. The static court with the net, and on that the players moving, will show the places where to hit to. And will show the places where to go to get the shuttle.

This dynamic part of the game has a structure. That structure depends on the aims of the game and the structure of the game itself.
The basis of the game is gaining points by striking the shuttle most difficultly for the opponent or opponents. To border this, lines and net have been added, by which the court arose.
Because of the nature of the game, it's played by matches, the aim is to win that match, and that is done by gaining points.
An orientation is present by the physical direction of the game, as the shuttle is struck forward into the other side.

Thus, for a player, the structure of the dynamic part of playing badminton is the striking of the shuttle within the borders of lines and net, forward, most difficultly for opponent or opponents.

Players can play fast and spontaneously and still having a mental rest when aware of this structure of dynamicly playing on a static court.