Dutch Junior International Badminton 2014

210 top youth players from around the world play in Haarlem at BC Duinwijck again. It is seen again as a sportive badminton confrontation between Europ And Asia and causes in Europ, like every time, a comparison between the Asian and European game and strength of their badminton. Though, mid-America join this contestation this time. It appears that the Asian youth goes still far ahead of the rest of the world.

Good confrontations are to be seen through all the days. That's due to the nature of the tournament, being a youth one, and played for all kinds of learning and not just for the result. The last days are not always the most exciting ones then. Some players are very tired, and things have been made clear already.

I think, several players from Asia deserve special attention at this tournament.
The Chinese U19 players won already several weeks ago the Asian U19s. They show to be fast, technical, tactical and conditional. They display different playing styles, after their own characters and ideas. Like Lin more sophisticated and sometimes brillant, and Shi, who wins the tournament, more frank and free. The Chinese girls show also to have all of their qualities strong.
The Hong Kong boys Chung and Yeung display a fine doubles play. Hard smashes, quick reactions, quickly anticpating to the net. And a well organised and controlled game.
A special good tournament plays the Singaporian girl, just 15, and winning past year the Asian U15, Yeo, and losing of the Chinese winner Qin.
Also the 16 years old Singaporian boys Ng and Ong play an notable game with their very quick reflexes and youthful enthousiasm.
Playing a good tournament counts too for the Malaysian girl Lee, who can hardly play the shuttle over the net anymore by tiredness in the semi-final.

Players from Europ attracting attention are from Germany, Sweden and Croatia.
The German Seidel, with his partner Pistorius, shows the trend to a much quicker but nevertheless controlled play in an atractive fast game. The Swedish boy Wilander displays as an other trendsetter a fast and very concentrated, controlled and tactical game, with his partner Burestedt.
The Croatian girls Galenic and Pavlenic play in the trend towards a faster game a quick, attacking and well organised game, which they couldn't hold to the last end.

Of mid-America let the Mexican Esquivel see a well controlled game, with a well covered court by good moving. Which he, by the way, couldn't hold till the end of the tournament, too, alas.


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