Creativity in badminton comes to expression in playing spontaneously after own character and insights.
Training much and extensive ensures control over the game in different respects. The game gets creative when skills are used to give expression to feelings, ideas and character, so expressing oneself. An own style, fitting the own personality, then develops.

When creativity using in a badminton match, at least:

-Some control of techniques is present: That is needed to bring creative play to expression.

-Some insight in tactics to place the shuttle and where to take it are present too. This is needed to be able to get creative ideas to play the shutle.

-Freedom of execution of technical and tactical ideas free the way to creative play. When playing, spontaneous insights and reactions have to be able to be executed.

-Attention is well directed to the game. Techniques and tactics have to be directed at the game as being the object of creativity.

Is creative playing possible?
A badminton match is clearly regulated. The game has to be performed within a narrow environment of rules, aims and equipment. Thereby, much of the used techniques and tactics is proved to be appropriate for the game. How would creativity then yet come to expression?
Playing badminton becomes creative when playing after own feelings, ideas and character. The way of playing sometimes could accord with the way described in books, but the experience is very different, and positive, and the personal style will show up.