The court is the area on which the badminton game takes place.
The perception of the court can much differ between players. Beginners have often a vague image of the court. The depth at the opponents side is difficult to estimate. By looking well at the lines and where exactly the opponents feet are and where exactly the shuttle lands, it will be learned. Many players forget the lines when playing. When relaxed playing and looking about, the lines will be perceived clearly and so will whether the shuttle lands in or out.

When playing, it's not necessary to hit the shuttle to the floor of the opponents court. Enough is to make the opponent's regularly returning of the shuttle impossble. That implicates a slightly different tactical idea of the aims when playing.

The court might be seen as an area into the shuttle has to be hit. This could lead to taking the court to small. The court might also be seen as an ultimate border of the space into the shuttle could be hit. That can lead to a most extensive use of the court to its lines and height.

When playing, the space of the court is covered by really moving across it. Not being able to cover the court is often blamed to wrong footwork. Though, frequently it is due to not realizing that the distances physically have to be covered by really traveling over the court. By the attention directing to the game, the necessity of the own actions are not longer seen.

When placing the shuttle into the opponent's side, looked is at the position and stance of the opponent. The shuttle then is placed with respect to the opponent. The measures of the court sometimes are forgotten then. Both can be done, placing the shuttle with respect to the opponent, and using the borders and height of the court thereby to their full extent.