In badminton “coordination” mostly is used to indicate interplay of muscles when moving.
A good coordination is necessary to execute well techniques like strokes and footwork.

"Coordination" is also the combintion of time and place. This kind of coordination ensures that a stroke is applied well exactly in the right moment on exactly the right place. A technically well coordinated stroke also has to be executed on court at the right place at the right time to hit the shuttle.

Coordination is also the right positioning at the right moment on court because of tactics. That will make tactically efficiently moving possible to the shuttle for a stroke. In fact, coordination is important too when placing the shuttle into the other half court. A good coordination then is the right flight of the shuttle to the right place.

Coordination is also needed between partners in a play. Coordination then is efficient positioning on court of both partners and hitting the shuttle by the right one of them. When coordination is in order, maintained by contact, it's clear for both where they can position on court and who can take the shuttle at a moment.