Continual, continuity

Continuity in badminton is the going on of the process of the badminton game from the first service till the last point.
When playing, attention is with this process the whole game long. Court, partner, opponents and shuttle are in mind continually. Also oversight over the whole situation, and insight in where to position on court and to place the shuttle are continually being been aware of.

Details of the ongoing playing are firstly keeping the mind open, thus constantly really perceiving the court with the players, etcetera. Secondly constantly actively reacting on the situation. Reacting is after where the shuttle is and reckoning with positions and movings of opponents and partner.
Also keeping seeing where the shuttle could be placed and comes back belongs to continuity.

With the mind staying open, this continuity will be an unforced process.

Also between rallys and in pauses attention stays directed onto the court etcetera. Thoughts stay then directed to the game and confusing switching of attention is being avoided.