Conditions to play badminton are properties which have necessarily to be present when playing. Each of the conditions can be present from a low to a high level.
Conditions to make playing badminton possible are physical condition, mental condition, technical condition and tactical condition.
Each condition can be sub-divided into sub-conditions.

Physical condition contains power, stamina and pace. And thereby a healthy body.
Power, stamina and pace can all be trained. These properties and their levels are integrated and then adapted to the badminton game. Combinations of power and stamina, or power and pace, or stamina and pace, or yet other combintions with different levels, can be applied to the badminton training. And then all reckoning with the properties of the game and the individual.

Mental condition contains awareness, attention, arrousal, mental stamina, fantasy, creativity, self-confidence, insight and the social properties empathy and communication. And thereby the qualities and character of an individual.
Much of these can be trained. Awareness, attention, mental stamina, fantasy, self-confidence, insight and social properties can be trained apart or in combination. Qualities and character can be trained too.

Technical condition contains coordination of the body and all parts of it, execution and control of strokes and of movements to get across the court. And further the total execution of whole techniques like a clear with footwork. The level can be from the first learning to automatic executing.
Coordination, execution and automation can all be trained.

Tactical condition contains understanding of the aim of the game, oversight over the court and what all happens during the game, and insight in the way of positioning and placing the shuttle to come to result.
All these tactical aspects of the game can be trained. They can be trained apart or in combination. And thereby also for parts of the game like on the front or back court, or playing downwards or upwards. All for singles, doubles and mixed.