EU Men and Women Team Championships '14

Overlooking the Badminton Men And Women Team Championships 2014, one conclusion can be that the Danish teams have won them. The men's team did in spite of the absence of their strongest player Joergensen. The women's team did in spite of not being the team with the strongest players in the championships. To in particularly the latter team's win was due the high motivation of the players and coaches. Maybe that has to do with the promotion by the Danes of their women players who stayed back compared to their men players.

Dutch Junior International Badminton 2014

210 top youth players from around the world play in Haarlem at BC Duinwijck again. It is seen again as a sportive badminton confrontation between Europ And Asia and causes in Europ, like every time, a comparison between the Asian and European game and strength of their badminton. Though, mid-America join this contestation this time. It appears that the Asian youth goes still far ahead of the rest of the world.

Super Series Finals '13. Draw

Now after the draw yesterday, for the places in the poules, I can be playing around with the former results of players and pairs, the standings in the world rankings, the remembrance of their play, the estimation of their willing and being able to play full out.
It is interesting later on to see if ideas come true.
It's tricky, looking at rankings and earlier confrontations. Tiredness, personal plans, injuries, price-money, all are influencing the outcomes.

Badminton Super Series '13 Finals

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On 11th December, untill the 15th.

I'm searching after information about the series finals. Few lets itself be found. Reaching the BWF website I discover the events knob, the calendar, the finals link, the information of last year, and suddenly also a link to the finals and a link to all kind of forms and a tournament prospectus and dates. I search a little further.

Then, which notable issues could be found.

On BWF Instant Reviews Line Calls

According to their site, BWF will try out camera control at the super-series finals in december this year 2013. Cameras will have been directed at lines to control line judges' and umpires' decisions of landing in or out of the shuttle. The idea behind it is that faulty calls occur by imperfect perceiving by humans. And that has to be improved. That hinders the play.
Players will have two challenges to contest a decision. They loose a challenge if they are wrong.

Yeah Religious Badminton

I don't know how it came to the join of badminton and religion. I'm just playing my matchies, and some flow pleasurably and of oneself to the warming end, while others seem not wanted to be played at all and have I to struggle and stumble to a cold remembrance of it before it ends. I never look up further then the shuttle rises. Maybe inspired me yet a high service?

Little accounts of the Indian Badminton League final

Hyderabad Hotshots vs Awadhe Warriors, Mumbai, 31 august 2013
Tangtonsuk against srikanth 21-12, 21-20
Their match begins with a dramatic, large advantage for Srikanth. Tangtonsuk not longer able to give as much as necessary, then finding himself and seriously as needed and having back his oversight, overtakes him. Srikanth left by his motivation and with that his control, mishit much. After a conclusive offensive by both of them, Tongtansuk with the stand of 20-20 makes a mistroke. 21-20 for Ajay.

The nice Holly-Bolly IBL

The Ibl is going its way to the finals. Many very nice matches have been to be seen. The money that motivated, the wishes to make a success of it, the system of playing till 21 points and a third set till 11, all this lead to all serious players who made the best of their game.
Almost every match made it possible to compare the styles and levels to each other by the seriousness and dedication of the players.

WC '13 Finals

The Chinese pair of Xiaoli an Yu take the annoying Korean pair of Eom and Jang for granted. Nevertheless, to a real nice play leads this not. Till in the third set, when Yu and Xiaoli get themselves over it and play their fiery quick attacking game. They don't matter any longer about the laughing Koreans. They are showing that they are clearly the world bests. The Chinese make it a final, the Koreans are not so far yet.

WC'13 Players and Umpires

Behind my little pine-wooden computer table I'm looking at the women-doubles of Rytter Juhl and Pedersen at the semi-final. They're laughing to much. As if they're saying, -look at us, aren't we great? Just not looking like living in the real world. They will play against Wang and Yu. These look not very nervous, normally concentrated, looking like knowing who will win. They will.

World Badminton Championships 2013

Except the excitement of how the championships follows its course, there are many players to be observed with something interesting. Be it their strong play, their style of playing, or their part of the world the player has his home country.
Amazingly, different styles are being used now even by young players. An unexpected and very positive evolution.
From the saying up, the most interesting players would be as follows, though it is for everybody's personal choice of course.

The Blue Brawling Brothers

A year after the affair on the Olympics with all the deliberately loosing Silly Sisters, again two disciplined (In Europ we thought so) Asian players played an amazing role in the badminton. They do so all the time, but then really in the disciplined way with amazing badminton. Two boys, or are they men already, were heated in cold Canada. They came from nasty words to a high finger to a run along the courts. It ended in a passionate fight at the middle of the court. And some stitches. From the pictures on Youtube it is clear that Bodin, who is up, is a lefthander.

After Playing

I'm sitting at the bar
dark gleaming furniture surrounds
behind me whisper abstrusely the colorless specters

Rio '16

On the gray screen I read the heads of the news. Google news. Imogen Bankier. The Scotsman. Everything's steering on the Olympics, she says, and the Worlds in between. She hopes after England to realize her potential in Scotland.

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