Behavior in badminton, badminton behavior, are all the behaviors concerning playing the badminton game. These are the moving, positioning and striking, but also looking, thinking, estimating, judging.

Many behaviors have an other connection with the badminton game, so not intended to play the game well. Showing for spectators, talking about other matters than the play, playing for nice rallys or for pleasant social contacts. These behaviors can be positive too, but need to be separated from the behavior directly for a badminton play. That makes playing a match clearer.

When looking at badminton, the behaviors of moving across the court, taking position and hitting back the shuttle and placing it, are the first and clear obvious behaviors. When attentively looking, also other inner behaviors are becoming clearer. Estimating the flight of the shuttle, judging the possibilities of the opponents to hit or place the shuttle, the judging of the own positions and possibilities to hit or reach the shuttle, are all mental behaviors from which we see the visible working-out by the players on the court. Choosing actions, directing attention, carry through when playing, are behaviors in the inner of players of which we sometimes only can assume that they take place. But when attentively looking with empathy many of these behaviors can be understood and perceived.

When the question arises if of badminton only visible behaviors should be taken in account in training sessions and when playing, it has to be denied.
Too many inner behaviors occur in badminton that are being possible to be influenced. When immerse oneself in players and feel with them, many inner behaviors can be understood. Speaking about these is then possible and training of these becomes possible.