The human basis of badminton are the feelings and thoughts that people have when playing. In fact, the player is the basis himself.
Globally, it's challenging to play.
Challenging are the many technical skills asked for playing, being all kinds of running, jumping and striking the shuttle.
Challenging are also the many tactical skills that are asked, like oversight and insight of the different kinds of play, and finding ways to gather points and the placing of the shuttle and positioning for that.
The game has many mental challenges too. Globally, keeping calmness and control, and responding actively during play.
Fantasy is challenged much to imagine the situation and choose the best action.
Character is challenged by the mental and physical efforts to play well.

Also feeling well and have fun belong to the basis of badminton. Playing can be used as a way to get thoughts and feelings together again by expressing through playing.
Badminton also might be used to express social feelings.

The question appears when playing, what the basis is for the game itself. To what have the efforts to be applied. Here it's very shortly explained.
The basis of the badminton game is that it is a contest to reach an amount of points by striking the shuttle unreturnable.
During the whole play a continual oversight is needed. Therewith a way of looking whereby the possibilies are seen to place the shuttle. An active attitude is needed. At least some technical skill and physical condition are needed to execute this play.
With an open mind much will be seen naturally. Much experience and active thinking about will be needed to grow.