Attention is awareness. In badminton awareness is used to get control over the play. This means awareness of the physical presence of court, net, opponent, partner and self. And further awareness of the aims of the play, that is to win it, and to place the shuttle, and positioning.

In badminton, awareness is being paid to the whole play. This is done by playing with an open mind. That is relaxed perceiving of the court, etcetera, and just what all happens in the play. Within that total view, some extra attention can be paid to some aspects. The shuttle may be watched a little sharper, or the partition of the half court is paid some extra attention to in a particular situation. Just what seems to be fitted. Important is to keep the mind open by relaxed perceiving the game for everything that there is and that happens.

In this respect are often called focus and concentration.

The difference between the first way and the second way to become attentive and aware, is the way of reaching these. Mindfull-like and just relaxed perceiving like the first way, and forcing like the second way.