Analyze, analysis

Analyzing is in badminton finding how the game occurs, happens, is played. Aspects are determined that compose badminton. For example court, net, shuttle and opponents. Or rules, aims and tactics. Or how choices are being made.
Analyzing makes possible to understand badminton, infer causes of ways of playing, and change playing in a deliberate way.

Of badminton can be analyzed, for example, how the game happens, how the aims are being tried to reach, how people use the game for their personal goals.
Other reasons for analyzing badminton are to understand how the play might be bettered, or how the opponents could be defeated.

Analyzing badminton can be done by observing. For observing badminton, attention is consciously set onto the whole game or a special part of it. For example, onto the actions of one pair or one player, the placing when attacking, or the technical skills near the net.

An analysis can also be established when taking any data in account. That is, like results of competitions, close reading of reports, or of newspaper stories or interviews about badminton.