Aims, goals

Aims or goals are what people wish to reach. Many aims and goals have to be reached in badminton. In badminton, the main aim is to win a match. To reach this aim, an amount of points has to be gained. To reach this aim, the shuttle has to be placed well. To reach that aim, the position has to be adapted to get to the shuttle to handle it well. To get a good position, estimation has to be made of the way the shuttle might arrive.

As suggested as up here, that goals occur in this dependency, a badminton match is a system of aims or goals. To reach the highest aim, a sub-aim is being achieved, and to reach that, a further sub-aim is being achieved, etcetera. The lower sub-aim in fact is the means for the higher one.
Such a system forms a spiral of means and goals, leading eventually, in badminton, to the aim of winning the match.

Higher goals might be mentioned, for instance expressing feelings, maintaining health, or such as reaching high personal goals. These then will be reached by the means of the badminton match.
A spiral of means and aims can be based on other kinds of terms too, for example terms of training. Learning and training aims and means are then to position to reach the shuttle, to handle the shuttle, to place it, etcetera. Yet an other kind of terms could be based on insights.

Being aware of this system of aims can help to organize playing a match and give extra value to the play.