World Badminton Championships 2013

Except the excitement of how the championships follows its course, there are many players to be observed with something interesting. Be it their strong play, their style of playing, or their part of the world the player has his home country.
Amazingly, different styles are being used now even by young players. An unexpected and very positive evolution.
From the saying up, the most interesting players would be as follows, though it is for everybody's personal choice of course.

Mens singles play
Chong Wei Lee (seeded 1) from Malaysia will happen to be the winner (?). He has been growing always, thus proving that courses not yet are fixed when young players have been grown up and they can develop their play without end. Chong Wei Lee has always had a kind of specialized play. It's a swift, technical and attacking play. Chong specialized more and more, and became ever stronger. The last years Chong developed as a person too. He became more self conscious, which led to a beautiful and much more freer play at the Olympics'12 in London against Dan Lin.

Dan Lin, China should be mentioned now because of the contests with Chong Wei Lee. Dan Lin has a different way of playing. He is standing above the game and adjusts it when desirable. He is able to play long rallies, to attack quick and to change his game suddenly totally. He uses different tactics as a game like others placements of the shuttle as a game. He controls himself and his game.

Chen Long, China is an example of the Chinese thorough way of playing. Not specialized or personalized (yet). And now grown very strong in this way.

Boonsak Ponsana, Thailand has a fine technical play, with a relaxed and total attention to the play.

Kenichi Tago from Japan has a technical and controlled powerful play. The last years he has grown much in character, which has become more adult. He is one of the already settled upcoming players.

Daren Liew from Malaysia has here a good place to be mentioned to compare his play with that of Tago. Liew has a nervous spontaneous play with automatic quick technical reactions. An opposite play to that of Tago.

Of the women-players Xuerui Li (1), China, is the example of the thorough player. Technique, tactic, condition, mentality, all are present on a high unremitting level.

Yihan Wang from China plays most with ambition and perseverance.

Saina Nehwal, India most important advantage is her own character. She is a strong personality with a robust play.

Busanan Ongbumrungpan from Thailand is one of the Thai young upcoming and strong players. Her style is technical and powerful with jumps and smashes.

Pui Yin Yip, Hong Kong is the one who sensationally came along several years ago as first with jump smashes in woman play.

In men's doubles play is the pair Koo and Tan (1) from Malaysia interesting. They are hard hitters and both strong players.

The pair of Ko and Lee (2) from Korea is most strong by Lee who has a general very high level. Ko has power in his play and his smash.

The Danish pair of Boe and Moegensen is maybe the most intersting pair. Their play is very quick and smooth, and keen.

The Chinese women double of Xiaoli Wang and Yang Yu is interesting because of their strength, for years number 1. And it is interesting because of the partnership that consists of two different kind of players. Yu plays with a general very high level and Wang has a different creative and surprising character and play.

In the mix doubles several European pairs are interesting. Nielsen and Pedersen fom Denmark is interesting by the ambitious play of Fischer.

Xu and Ma are a clever and hard playing Chinese pair with Ma strong at the front court and Xu clever, fast and hard playing from behind her.

European players whom will be looked at with interest, beside the above mentioned, are of course several young and upcoming players. Do they demonstrate new insights or special qualities? Rather many women are thereby.

Kirsty Gilmore, Scotland, plays spontaneously and technically, with much power play and the use of jumps for faster strokes.

Caroline Marin from Spain has been settled already and plays an ambitious game with determination.

Victor Axelsen, Denmark, climbed quickly to the twentieth place on world ranking and was seen as super talent. He plays conditionally strong and with general capabilities for a strong game. Will he break through now? Or develop a special personal style?

Przemyslav Wacha, Poland, is developing to a strong doubles player with Cwalina. What level will he be able to reach? His play is direct and fast.

Adcock and Ellis from England are able to play a keen, fast and powerful doubles play of a quarter final level. But on the Olympics'12 they failed. Eyes follow them.

A notable absentee is Juliana Schenk, by troubling with herself, her federation, her training and her play. She will be missed.

For Europe, with a special style, there are Ville Lang, Finland or Atrachenkov, Ukraine.

Globally, there are many interesting players who will be worth giving extra attention to.
Mans single player Saensomboonsuk from Thailand for instance, with a hard and own style.
And the woman single players Intanon from Thailand, and Tai Tzu Ying, Taipei, or the women-players from Thailand.


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