Welcome dear visitors at bababadminton.eu!

This badminton website aims to give insight to players, trainers and coaches and all other visitors who are interested in playing and training the game of badminton.

The site will do so in a basic way. That is, from the principles and backgrounds of the game. And that is what baba stands for: basic badminton. Playing badminton begins with pleasure, analysing, and learning. That forms an upgoing spiral of insights with which a badminton player becomes a better and better player.

The basis for this site is a badminton match, within which is being played the game of badminton. Within the rules of the match someone can build up creatively his own winning game.

Another aim of this site is to make implicit knowledge explicit. Much what is said about playing and training the badminton game is very concrete and based on never explicated knowledge. Players and trainers have often much experiences and insights but these make clear is difficult.