WC '13 Finals

The Chinese pair of Xiaoli an Yu take the annoying Korean pair of Eom and Jang for granted. Nevertheless, to a real nice play leads this not. Till in the third set, when Yu and Xiaoli get themselves over it and play their fiery quick attacking game. They don't matter any longer about the laughing Koreans. They are showing that they are clearly the world bests. The Chinese make it a final, the Koreans are not so far yet.

The Thai Rachanok Inthanon teaches the whole world badminton. She stays totally herself, plays fully out without holding in with her techniques and played relaxed and yet concentrated. And the level is the highest. Direct, with the right pace at the right moment and precisely to corners and lines. Very difficult to play even for Li. It makes the court larger. Her tears of joy with the tension that fell off her were very deserved. She showed a surprising new way of playing badminton. The person of WC '13.

Surprisingly, Ahmad and Natsir defeat Xu and Ma. Like the Korean women, the latter don't look like playing for the highest. Ahmad and Natsir do. Their play being more complete now and wishing to get the first place, they play their best play. It lead to an exciting mix double. Enjoying, this whole play, which delivers them an important price, and Indonesia does that too. Clearly a world championships gives much extra emotions and unexpected results.

In the mens doubles the Indonesians Setiawan and Ahsan are ready. Self-confident and attentive. They play their play, much power, attacking downwards, quick by the net, and a good solid idea how to work. They go playing for the world title. The whole match through they play concentrated and seriously. No laughing, no distraction. Boe and Mogensen look relaxed and seriously determined to take the first place. Sometimes playing their quick keen play, they over-class the others by giving no chance to smash. No annoyance show they, no discussions with the umpire. Just playing as they but can. Nevertheless, they manage not to play their top play. And the others stay confident and hold their well thought game plan. And win, with a very world class play. Very enjoying to share the experience.

The men's single between Lin Dan and Chong Wei Lee is loaded. Chong Wei doesn't attack fully. He goes on placing as Lin did so often. Lin makes mistakes, which he didn't. The match goes so its way. Slowly sliding to the end.
Then the unexpected dramatical end. Lin clearly in advantage, Chong Wei gets cramp in his upper-legs. He is treated with ice-spray, but it doesn't help him. After another try to play he isn't able to end the game. The stand is 19 – 17. Lin wins. Chong Wei feels awful. He is carried away on a stretcher.

Finals of world championships. For some players priorities are else. Others have worked towards it to reach their highest possible. Many surprises are seen. Unexpected results are achieved. It's a feast to share it. This finals make clear again that win and loose of a match not only that is of a finalist. A raised hand is a symbol of a whole system with a certain vision. Lin Dan seems to recognize that. We just enjoy the well played game. Or play it our-selves of course.


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