Yeah Religious Badminton

I don't know how it came to the join of badminton and religion. I'm just playing my matchies, and some flow pleasurably and of oneself to the warming end, while others seem not wanted to be played at all and have I to struggle and stumble to a cold remembrance of it before it ends. I never look up further then the shuttle rises. Maybe inspired me yet a high service?

I found on a given moment myself leaning behind in my bureau-chair with the cheerfully colored blanket thrown over it, my thoughts being busy with the unmeasurable and not even imaginable space out there. And the not thinkable timelessness wherein that unimaginable endlessness revolves. Then I stared some time through my window into the air. And I wondered then about my shivering feelings suddenly. I ever heard about a saying in the bible that god had no name. And was unknowingly. To great for it. I suddenly knew its truth.

All people must have such a kind of experience sometimes. Maybe staring into the stars. Or maybe like my old aunt who, her mind wide opened like a child's, physically feels the pretty sparkling colors of her beloved little flowers. She often just finds things beautiful.
And then I came to religions. So many religions and so many churches of so many kinds. And all from that unnameable, unknowable and unimaginable I experienced for a little moment. But it seems to be a big struggle for them. They are naming it nevertheless and explaining what it wants and likes and does not.

I see that it is time to leave for my badminton. I know how I'm playing tonight. I will play as just a little part of that enormousness. And letting that power going out of my body and mind. It's not me who will be playing. It will be the everything. And I will enjoy it! And after this night, hopefully will a little relativising from it in the future stay with me. And so letting me playing badminton a little lighter, a little loosing myself, yeah a little religiously.

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