Flow in badminton is the way of playing whereby hesitation is let loose. Just attentively and spontaneously playing and reacting provides a play without unnecessary faults, with good choices, and with pleasure.
What will hinder this spontaneous play are tensions of the must to achieve result, the fear to let loose, thinking and feeling that is to be played by following rules.

In fact, already just spontaneously playing will bring a flow-play.
This flow-play is a natural and normal way of playing, easily reachable. Nevertheless, many people have difficulties finding this relax pleasurable way of playing by practical obstacles.
An analysis of spontaneously playing can help getting grip on it and applying it.

When analyzing this spontaneous way of playing, several aspects can be distinguished.
When more extensively said, spontaneously playing is playing with the attention directed at the game, and with acting being a reaction on the situation, aim-directed, self aware, without hesitation.
This spontaneously playing will bring a play that contains the occurrences as described in writings about flow.

So, spontaneously playing contains the following aspects:
-Attention is the staying awareness during a play
-The game is everything occurring and happening during that play on which attention is directed
-Acting are the movements and strokes, and in fact looking about and thoughts and feelings
-Reaction are actions because of occurrences during the play
-Situation is aim and occurrences together
-Aim is winning the match and placing the shuttle unreturnable for that
-Self aware is perceiving the own movements and strokes, body, and own thoughts and feelings
-Hesitation is waiting, delay when deciding, hold back when acting, instead immediately reacting on quickly rising ideas how to play. Shortly said, thinking is doing.
-Description about flow is often about a (special) pleasurable psychological state of playing in which everything seems to go on its own and everything succeeds.

Developing the way of playing, the up written can be used and thought over.
But the principle is to let things go, let things loose, just looking about and reacting. Open and with pleasure, spontaneously. Everyone can try and do that.