Fantasy is in a badminton game used to create an image of the reality of the game, that is of the court and net, and of the players and shuttle and how these are moving. Also is with fantasy an image created of how a game tactically is played, so more an abstract idea.
Fantasy is also used to imagine during a play where the shuttle can be placed, and how the position on court should be.
Fantasy is used too to imagine how things should be changed to provide a better result.
Finally, fantasy is used to control the match and the game. This means that is seen and understood how things occur and develop, by taking mental distance.

Fantasy works together with memory. When court, players and shuttle have been perceived, memory stores it and helps then creating an image of these.
Image and reality fall together then and that image is renewed constantly by perceiving reality. When looking away from court that image exists yet.
Played is by using that image, which is controlled by the reality the of court, net, players, and self.

Playing is often done without using consciously that representation of the situation and the game. But it exists nevertheless. Being aware of the use of fantasy and imagination can help to control the game. This image contains the thoughts how to play.

From the use of fantasy and imagination can clearly be concluded that badminton can be very much a mind game. Having many possibilities in mind of placing, reactions and tactics, and being able to use mental capabilities like using attention and mental stamina, playing badminton can be very satisfying and enjoyable. Level may rise.