Covering the court

When playing badminton, covering the own court is done by moving over the court and taking an appropriate position and stance.

About the position and stance:
When playing, a position and stance are applied again and again. That is done through estimating how the shuttle may return from the opposite side. The purpose of a particular position and stance is to reach the returning shuttle again as quickly and usably as possible.

When playing, the own half court is taken in mind, and then a position and stance are adopted whereby the shuttle easiest can be reached.

The position and stance are so, that the shuttle can be taken as far forward and quickly as possible. That is because of the attacking nature of the game, whereby the shuttle must be struck into the opponent's area in a for him (her) most difficult way.

The position and stance are taken as near the net as possible, so that the rear line is yet reachable, and reckoning with the width of the court. This position and stance are possible to be learned by always bearing the own court in mind, and then estimating how the shuttle would return, after it is struck into the opposite side.

About moving over the court:
The position and stance on the court are not fixed positions from which is reacted to the shuttle and back. For playing the shuttle, the own court is taken in mind and then the shuttle is struck from anywhere in the own court. For that, also the own movements with respect to the court are taken in mind.

To cover the court, realizing that controlled moving over the court is the attitude rather then choosing a position from where is played, will help to come to a vivid and anticipating play.