The Blue Brawling Brothers

A year after the affair on the Olympics with all the deliberately loosing Silly Sisters, again two disciplined (In Europ we thought so) Asian players played an amazing role in the badminton. They do so all the time, but then really in the disciplined way with amazing badminton. Two boys, or are they men already, were heated in cold Canada. They came from nasty words to a high finger to a run along the courts. It ended in a passionate fight at the middle of the court. And some stitches. From the pictures on Youtube it is clear that Bodin, who is up, is a lefthander. So, Maneepong must have been under. It is astonishing that they one of the days afterwards already brotherly stand hand in hand before press. So, just brawling brothers, nothing to worry about.

How were the reactions?
The highest badminton organs reacted strongest. They wished to ban the one for live. The president of the Thai badminton organistation could just experience before resigning something he had never seen before. The whole country of Thailand is thought being ashamed. After these clear statemensts, things can now already be toned down. The ban is now for two years. The club is much milder anyway. They will fight the lenght of the ban at the court (the legal, not the doubles play). Players around the world are reacting not, with vicarious shame, or with letting it a personal issue.

I personally am going through a rainbow of feelings and questions. Is it raining or shines the sun? Both players were expressing their feelings, so they are people like us. Maybe they are beatable yet. Have the interests grown to fast, and are the tensions not any longer to restrain? Is it just an expression of the individualising of more self conscious and independent top badmintonners worldwide?

And then, after a couple of days they're standing there, a little blue. The blue brawling brothers. I suppose, we'll see them on court again. Shame on you, you stupids! And now, go on playing and hit the smoke out of it!


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